Causes of Infatuation

We all struggle through a very common situation where we misunderstand infatuation as love. It is important to understand infatuation before you make a commitment to such relationship considering it as love. Infatuation is the result of all the chemical action in your body which results in true lust rather than true love. Some of the underlying causes of infatuation is discussed below:

1. Infatuation is a chemical reaction – You feel really excited when you meet or talk to someone you are infatuated with. It all starts in the dopamine center of your brain. The excitement is because of the release of dopamine hormone in your brain. The dopamine accumulates when you think about your love interest. The feeling makes you high for that person and often you take it as real connection or love. Relationships built on infatuation are very destructive and often takes the time to realize that this is not your true love.

2. You like excitement – This needs to be understood because you cannot fall in love on a regular basis different guys. If you are with someone and you think it's love but still you feel that there is a lack of excitement, then you are struck with infatuation. You cannot control heightened feelings of infatuations for a long time. You get bored with the same person and then you start looking for new drama or excitement again in different person. This clearly shows that you live for excitement and drama which cannot be fulfilled by one person.

3. Sexual attraction – When you are sexually attracted to someone you tend to ignore things that are not common between both of you. You just concentrate on physical part because you are infatuated with that person. You tend to fantasize about the person and overpower the sexual desire over other feelings. You realize about your fault that it was not love after you get over that physical attraction.

4. You love to fall in love – We all agree that falling in love is a special feeling and everyone deserves to be loved. The feeling of falling in love for the first time or anytime is same. However, when you are infatuated with someone and feel it is your love then you tend to ignore things that are alarming signals about your decision because the feeling of love makes you understand everything is right in love. When you get over the infatuation, your feeling for the person changes and you realize that you are not in love anymore. This makes you go on hunting for your new love interest for that same feeling of love again.

5. You live in your own world – Infatuation makes you go crazy about the person. You feel that he/she is perfect for you and is flawless. Because of infatuation you like spending time with the person and slowly you start perceiving him/her as the right partner. You start living in your own world with that person being the center of attraction. You infatuate about the person to an extent that you cannot concentrate on your daily routine and you are stuck in your own fantasy land. You start losing control because your infatuation starts to become an obsession instead of a real relationship.

6. You have to keep your search on – Relationship is not easy and it requires a lot of time to confirm you about your true love. There is a possibility that you infatuate about someone and later he can become your partner because you give him/her that time and patience which a relationship or love demands. When you discover that the person is trying to explore you emotionally, slowly even you will make it work.