How to Get Your Love to Notice You

Do you love someone? Does the love of your life not notice you? If you are failed to get your love notice you after following many methods, here I am for you. Learn 5 tricky ways that will let you know that how to get your love to notice you.

It is not as difficult as you think to bag a man you love. Just forget about those old flirting tips and tricks. Follow the unique and smart ways I am going to share below and you will surely get your love of life to notice you.

1. Be Funny, Confident and Challenging

The people who are funny, as well as confident, come into notice of other people visibly. To get your guy to notice you, you need to swallow some courage first of all. Find out some ridiculous or a funny game or anything like make a bet on eating pickles on which you can make a bet. After this, give an open challenge to that dreamboat to beat you in the bet chosen. Try to get him to notice you and after this, he would hardly forget you. However; be aware as this kind of challenging competition may take him to the opposite side.

2. Power of Social Media

In getting the love of your life to notice you, you can also use the power of social media. Here you need to figure out new ways instead of simply stalking your love on facebook or twitter. An idea is to send her a funny video about expressing love. You may also get him to notice you by asking questions on Quora about dating and love. You will find social media being a friend of you in your killing effort to impress him.

3. Give him an Introductory Gift Certificate

If you give him a standard business card, it may work but is not the way to get him not to forget you for a longer time. He will just keep the card in the pocket of his trouser and after a wash; the card is going to be destroyed. The idea here is to give her a sassy business card. Make the card yourself with the words “Love for Hire” and give it to him. He would hardly destroy the card. He will just keep it safe as a memory him. This will urge him to extra notice and remember you.

4. Use Power of Palmistry

A powerful way to get your love to notice you is to use the power of palmistry. It will be a golden ticket for you. When he is around you, try the trick and pull the power of palmistry out of the bag. Beforehand, you must learn about basic palm reading. As you will start predicting about his future, you will find him taking more interest in you.

5. Make a Playlist for Him

The ways like sending flowers or love letters are old now. Try something unique and modern. And a unique idea is to make a playlist for him. You can collect a thoughtful collection and then make a playlist. This unique gift will speak of everything about you. If you cannot say what you wanted to say to him and waiting for him to take the first step, this idea can really work out for you. Follow the way if you want to ingrained you in his mind.

So, feel brave and get ready right now to try these modern and brave ways to get your love to notice you. Be hopeful and you will get your love for sure.