How to Have a Relationship With Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder

Does your guy have borderline personality disorder? The men borderline personality disorder are unable to maintain a relationship stable and this is the major hallmark. If your partner is suffering from BPD, here are some tips to keep your relationship with him stable. Get ready to do anything you have the potential to do and save your relationship.

Tips for a Stable Relationship

1. Manage Your Behaviors

The first tip is to manage the behavior of your partner. For this, the requirement is to maintain your own behaviors first of all. Have a good control over you when your partner shows his extreme behaviors. Also, figure out the strategies and stick to it to deal with his extreme behaviors.

2. Four D’s Tip

If situations are getting worse and out of your control, practicing four D’s can help you.

l Delay: Give me some time to think about it.

l Distract: Let’s go to a dinner.

l Depersonalize and Detach: Do not consider BPD attacks personal. Also, try to stay relaxed and cool.

3. Set Limits in Your Relationship

People suffering from BPD show extreme behaviors like yelling, threatening suicide or blaming etc. Suicidal attempts are the most common as a result of this personality disorder. You can handle such a situation by emotional response. For controlling his behavior, learn your boundaries and then set limits. When you see he tries to push your limits like by suicide threatening, be emotionally responsive to control him or seek for help.

4. Diagnosis Is Important

If you and your partner do not know about the disorder, you would be unable to understand the behavior of your partner with BPD. The BPD disorder is a misunderstood disorder indeed. If your partner is suffering from any other disorder like depression and reacts differently than the patients of depression disorder and you note extreme behaviors, have a diagnosis of BPD disorder.

5. Learn What is BPD

If your partner is suffering from BPD, you need to learn about BPD at first to understand your partner for maintaining your relationship. Learn about the disorders and extreme reactions in BPD in detail. This will help you in healing your partner and protecting you as well.

6. Protect Yourself

People with BPD do not have empathy for others. They only want their needs and wants and want to get a control over other. For example, he threatens you to give him all of your money. In such a situation, do not sacrifice yourself instead make strategies to protect yourself.

7. Love Your Partner

Often people neglected or abused in childhood suffer from BPD. Do not blame your partner for his outrageous behaviors. Love with him and if he abuses or yells at you, avoid taking it personally. Treat him with love in a nonjudgmental way.

8. Be Realistic

A person with BPD does not understand emotions and coping mechanisms like normal people. Therefore; be realistic and be a good caretaker of him. Understand that your partner is unable to meet your emotional needs. Therefore; heal yourself and your partner too emotionally. Give your partner space to develop an emotionally mature relationship.

9. Make Use of Compliments

Another tip is to use compliments for building trust and influence in the life of your partner with BPD. Compliment him for his every little act and the results would go a long way. Reward him for his every good behavior like I like you because yesterday, you stopped yelling at me. Look at the right time and mood of your partner to use compliments; else he may come up with an unexpected extreme behavior

10. Try Therapy

Convince your partner for a therapy. Try to be strong in yourself. Develop trust in your partner with BPD. Make efforts to heal your partner being a good caretaker of him and take care of yourself too. Do not be disappointed and have a hopeful hope.