How to Overcome Shyness When Trying to Flirt

You see people around you flirting confidently? People do it so well and they do not have any problem like shyness even. But, what is the trouble you? Have you never enjoyed dates? Do you want to approach someone now but feeling paralyzed? Do not worry. In this post, I will share with you 5 ways to overcome your shyness while trying to flirt.

1. Hold their Gaze and Smile

The shyness is all in your eyes. The windows to our soul are our eyes as said. If you feel fear when you think of approaching someone, what you need is simply holding their gaze. Keep on looking into the eyes of the person you want to approach for a few seconds. Also, pass a few smiles while holding the gaze. The tip will help you in catching their interest. Also, you will enjoy this big fun. The fun game will work out and they will say “hi” to you too in response to your “Hi”. Try this trick a few times and overcome your shyness.

2. Seek Help from Your Magic Item

The next idea is to find help from your magic item. Find out your magic item and keep it with you when you are trying to flirt. We all have a magic item. It can be anything like a ring, a bracelet or anything. With magic item with you, you will feel beautiful as well as confident. With your confidence, you will be able to flirt without shyness.

3. Use Your Body Language

Instead of verbal communication, non-verbal communication plays 80% role in a flowing conversation. Have a look at your postures when you are on a date. You can speak a lot with your body language if you face trouble speaking because of your shyness. If you want to express your interest in others, you need to use open body language instead of having a posture with crossed arms and folded legs. If you keep your postures right and straight, your confidence will boost up automatically. Straight body postures will make you feel comfortable and when you will be comfortable as well as confident, you will no more have shyness.

4. Try Giving Compliments

The next idea is to overcome your shyness by giving and receiving compliments. Usually, when someone gives us a comment, we are not ready to accept it. We do not agree with the statement of others about us. Do not be as much aggressive if you want to flirt with someone and he/she gives a compliment. Even if you do not like the compliment, simply say thank you with a smile on your face. Take a start by giving a compliment to the person too. Give him/her a compliment in back, but not for the sake of giving a compliment just. Figure out something genuine and interesting and then give a compliment.

5. Find Common Interests

In the start of a relationship, many of us feel shy and it is a normal thing. However; for some people; the initial shyness is a long-term shyness and they are not going to get rid of. Such people find entering into friendship zone really uncomfortable. If the same thing happens to you, here is a solution for you. People like to talk when you talk about them. So, your task is to find out common interests and then think of questions. Take a start by asking a question. After discussing and talking too much, your confidence will boost up and your shyness will remain no more when you will try to flirt.

Shyness is a natural thing, but to overcome it is your skill. Do not let your shyness stuck it. Try these ways and have a control over your shyness.