How to make a guy fall in love with you

If you like him then you definitely want him to go head over heels gaga over you. It is not impossible to get your crush fall in love with you but it involves a little patience and honesty. You need to sculpt your picture in his mind and heart by portraying how perfect it is to fall in love with you. These are little tips that can help to make the guy fall in love with you.

Hook the guy

  • Your action and body language plays a very vital role in communicating what is in your mind to the guy. You need to be a positive person with smile on your face which gives them signs that you are approachable. So if you want to be noticed you should smile, a bit flirty and make yourself easy to initiate a conversation.
  • An eye contact is key to the success to make a guy fall for you. Guys like women making eye contact because it gives them confidence to strike a conversation. If he looks at you and makes an eye contact, give a smile in return and see how body language can work wonders.
  • You need to be confident in your actions and carry yourself with sway. You have to project your confidence and availability to the guy.
  • It becomes important to bring the guy in confidence that you are interested in him and this can be done by being little physical with them. Small gestures like touching their arms helps to communicate with men and it sends out clear message that you are listening, understanding and comfortable around him.
  • Men want to make sure you are happy and enjoying their company because this sets a level of comfort zone. Men like light-hearted, bubbly and easy going girls. You should always laugh and smile around them and don’t miss any opportunity to appreciate his try to make you smile or happy.

Keep the guy

  • When you are successful in getting attention from the guy, it becomes important to keep the fire burning and you can achieve this by being responsive to the guy and his actions. Men like to keep it simple so don’t confuse them with mixed messages but at the same time don’t portray yourself needy. Focus on being responsive and let them understand that you are interested in spending time with them.
  • You have to involve with the guy and his likings. You need to be open to learning for what he likes to do. Men like if you engage in what they want to do and they will appreciate it. They want time from you and the result will always bring him close to you.
  • You have to be compatible, know each other, plan and work together to fall in love with each other. You should plan things with him rather than just making him to plan for all the dates or weekends. You should talk to him, listen to his stories, share laughter and let him know that you care about him and his things. Take every opportunity to plan right from chatting or talking over phone to just sitting together and doing different things. Go out on few dates with him and find your compatibility level because this will help you in natural progression.

Keep the love

After going on a few dates with him, you will understand if he is interested in you. Once you have explored each other and laid the foundation of your love, it becomes important to nurture and care for the relationship you have built.