Pros and Cons of Love Affair with a Married Man

Having a love affair with a married man may make you feel regret later on. Therefore; a wise tip for you before you start a relationship with a man who is married is to consider the pros and cons of such a relationship. In this post, I am going to disclose the pros and cons doing this risky business.

The Good Sides of Love Affair with a Married Man

1. More Sex Enjoyment

Sex is a major need that forces many partners to cheat. Indeed, some affairs are made for having sex only. Some affairs that start from emotional cheating end up on sexual contact usually. Married men can meet your sexual desires the way you want as compared to other men. Having sex with a married man can even be more adventurous for you. Thus; a great benefit of a love affair with a married man is that you can have a great sex. Even when you have sex with a fear of being caught, it is also really exciting.

2. Fulfillment of Emotions

Married men go for having an affair with another woman when their emotions are not fulfilled. They seek for new relationships only for emotional fulfillment. They need a partner who could better understand them. Emotional fulfillment is a great advantage of having an affair with a married man. Indeed, the enjoyment of emotional fulfillment is more exciting than the excitement of sex.

3. You Can Have More Excitement

At the beginning of a relationship, we are more excited. It is a big fun when you start a relation with a new person and you are going through the phase of understanding each other. A long-term relationship may make you feel bored. The new relation is always full of excitement. Even in such an excitement, your new married man may divorce his old partner.

4. You Don’t Need to Divorce

For some people, affair with a married man is worse than a divorce. For others, divorce is a thing that is worse. For the satisfaction of your needs, when you start your relation with a married man; it gives you a way to avoid divorce; so that you have all the benefits above while maintaining both of your marriages.

Disadvantages of Love Affair with a Married Man

1. Getting Caught

If you are married and have an affair with a married man, both of you will always have a fear of being caught. When you are caught, it ruins your reputation, your married life as well as your career. Even if you are not a married woman, getting caught will badly destroy your status and reputation. Your family members and friends may start hating you.

2. Fantasy is not Reality

Affairs are full of fantasy feel in the beginning. However; these fantasies remain no more with the time. If a married man marries you, you will now have a fear of always being cheated on as he cheated his wife before.

He Will not Marry You

Sometimes you start a love affair with a married man as you have a hope that he will divorce her wife and will marry you. This may not happen always. Mostly, married men do not divorce their wives, but they keep affair. He may love you, but he will not marry you.

If you are not married, a love affair with a single guy will be more fulfilling for you. You have to keep your relationship with a married man in a secret and it is not easy. Before starting a relationship with a married man, I would advise you to must consider these benefits and downsides of the love affair.