What to Talk About on the Phone

Do you get nervous while talking on the phone as you have nothing to talk about? By talking on the phone, you can get a golden chance to know about a person. You can ask confidently about everything as you are behind the scene. Here are some things I am going to share in this post to talk about.

Things You can Talk about on the Phone

For some people, talking on the phone is not an easy thing. Do not worry about taking future calls as now you will have many things to talk about on the phone.

You can make a list of telephonic topics. Make a list on a note card. Or make a list of topics to talk about on your computer on the notepad. Only mention the topics on which you can talk about on the list. Also, while talking on the phone, avoid long pauses. The long empty pauses while talking will convey a negative message.

List of Telephonic Topics

When you are ready and start preparing your list of telephonic topics, here are a few things you must keep in your mind first.

  • Always write the topics in explained and proper form. Avoid using shorthand as it may be difficult to understand sometimes. List the exact topic to talk about.
  • Make a generic list of telephonic topics instead of writing it in the form of a script as you have to have a flowing telephonic conversation not reading a script.
  • Do not make it a rule. You may change the order of topics to talk about if it is required for making the conversation flowing.

Now, after you have these three points in your mind, start making your own list of telephonic topics.

You must make your own list of telephonic topics. Here is a simple sample for you for guidance.

  • Talk about the interests of the other person
  • Talk about the movies you like
  • Discuss some popular TV shows
  • Ask about favorite places to visit
  • Ask about the desired job
  • You may ask about goals
  • Talk about the favorite music
  • Discuss your favorite foods
  • Ask about personal likes
  • Discuss future dreams
  • Keep the flowing conversation what/if question

When to Make a Telephonic Call

If you really like someone and you also have the contact number of the person, do not wait now. It is not the time to hesitate. Just make a call and say hello. If the person gave his number to you, it means he is interested in talking to you on the phone.

This is the world of internet. If you do not have the contact number of the personal, get her social media contacts and invite the person to make a call.

Always Be Honest and Open!

Always be honest. If you only make a call to someone to hear his/her voice, let the person know. Being honest and open will bring a new venue for you. If you have trouble talking on the phone, try to be a good listener at least, a thing the other person will like for sure.

Keep Purpose in Your Mind

With a list of telephonic topics, you will have a topic and a purpose to talk to the person and you will not have to think more now that what to say to the person after making a call. Keep a topic in your mind like discussing a new movie and make a phone call now. Before making a call, keep the purpose of your call in your mind and talk about accordingly.